Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bushcraft Cutlery

Cutlery for your bushcrafting adventure is really no different than cutlery for your bug out bag is. You need to make the same decisions, based upon your needs and skill sets that you have learned for both tasks. I have included an older video I made called "Cutlery For Your Bug Out Bag" here for a couple of reasons.

For one, I still carry some of the same blades as I suggested in this video, and for another reason, I wanted to show you that it is OK to make changes as time goes by. Generally, we ant to learn to stick with what works. However, sometimes we need to make a change. As our skills develop and expand, we find that we can make do without something, and we also find that maybe there is something new we can't do without.

That said, I have indeed made some changes in my usually carried blades. I still use my True Temper hatchet, the machete, the SOG multi-tool, and the hobo tool fer eatin" grub. I also still carry the faux bone handled Stag Hunter belt knife. The big change I made was that I omitted the folders in exchange for a Leatherman C33 folder with a black bolster. One of the good things about this knife is that it has a bottle opener that folds out. very valuable tool to have, especially after a hot day out in the woods.

This knife isn't quite so good at gutting fish as the slender little stainless job in the video, but all around, the Leatherman C33 is a great little pocket buddy, and the clip is better than many folders sport today.

Enjoy the video, and remember, it is OK to make changes!

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  1. I'm constantly trying new knives and cutting tools. I have my favorites, but as you've said, it's good to try new products and see where upgrades can be had!