Monday, July 14, 2014

Stealth Camping

Stealth camping...what is it exactly? Many people look upon the art. and it is an art, of stealth camping as a sort of illicit activity. Is it legal to stealth camp? Essentially no, but then, we have to look at why and where you are stealth camping before we really answer that question fully.

This video looks at some of the issues and question involved in how and where to stealth camp. But for the moment, let's take a moment and look at the overall picture. Firstly, far be it from me to suggest you run out and do something illegal. If you do, that is entirely your choice, and I have nothing to do with the choices you may make in this area of outdoor recreation.

Stealth camping, as I refer it to is what many people call "dispersed camping." This is where you move off trail and camp out of sight from other campers. It is frequently practiced in the federal park systems, as well as many state and lower level recreational areas.

That said, enjoy the show, and don't forget to check out all of my YouTube videos on my channel.